Placenta Encapsulation

The process of preparing your placenta includes cleaning it in a consumable safe standard. Depending on what method you have selected for preparation, it is then steamed to a safe temperature for consumption and dehydrated at a high level of heat for an extended period of time. After the placenta is dehydrated, it is ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules for easy consumption. 

I do not add any herbs or additional supplements to the placenta, it is 100% your prepared placenta in the capsules. Your placenta was made by you and is perfectly designed to meet your individual postpartum needs. 

It is Texas Law that all women are allowed to keep their placenta and take it home from their place of birth!


What Does Placenta Encapsulation do?

Placenta encapsulation has many benefits! Women have reported that it may help you with:

- Balancing your hormones after delivery

- Decreasing chances of postpartum depression and mood disorders following pregnancy

- Increasing Breastmilk supply

- Increasing energy

- Higher levels of oxytocin

- Increase in Iron

- Reducing postpartum bleeding by helping your uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size.

If you choose to have a placenta tincture, the benefits will be preserved for use in menopause! 

Safety Standards

Your health and safety is my utmost priority. I adhere only to the highest levels of safety and standards of practice for OSHA blood borne pathogens and food safety. You have the option of where your placenta is encapsulated, if you choose the placenta can be prepared in your home so your placenta never has to leave your possession, prepared in your own space and where you are able to observe the entire process if you would like. You can rest assured that I am a professional encapsulator. I have taken the appropriate professional training to obtain certification for this process and hold a certification in blood borne pathogen safety and food handlers certification in the state of Texas. 


What is the process to have my placenta encapsulated? 

After you sign the contract and make your payment, I will send you a placenta transport kit in the mail. It includes a disposable insulated bag that you will put your placenta in after birth and all the directions you need. This bag is disposable and is only used for your placenta keeping with the best standards for safety. 

You have the choice of where your placenta is encapsulated, either your house or I will pick it up, prepare it and return the completed product! If you select your house, all that you must provide is a small amount of counter space with access to a plug, your kitchen sink and stovetop. Your kitchen will be cleaned and no one will be able to tell I was there! 

Banner Photo Credit Briana Pascaul Photography