Placenta encapsulation package

  • Transportation kit (if booked before labor)
  • The choice of encapsulation location
  • If you choose to not encapsulate at home, placenta pick up and delivery of finished product from your hospital, birth center or home. 
  • All materials and supplies compliant and exceeding OSHA and Red Cross Blood Borne Pathogens safety standards 
  • Approxamently 80-150 placenta capsules. Quantity is determined by size of placenta.
  • Option of umbilical cord keepsake (at no additional cost)
  • Information for recommended use. 



Add on options

  • Placenta Tincture $25
  • Healing placenta salve $25
  • Keepsake placenta print $15

Last minute placenta pick up? Call me at (940)220-9263


Doula clients can book this additional service with a $25 discount.


If a medical reason arises that makes your placenta unsafe to encapsulate, your payment will be refunded. 

Banner photo credit Briana Pascaul Photography