Encapsulation & The Process

Your postpartum, or fourth trimester, can be a sweet and beautiful time! It can also be a time of trial and difficulties. 80% of women experience the "baby blues" and One in Five experience postpartum mood disorders (one in three for women of color)! After baby is born the placenta is delivered shortly after. Along with the placenta being released from the body, the hormones that you have had for the last 9 months leave the body. After birth, a mothers hormones can shift back to pre-pregnancy in as little as 5 days, this is a huge and rapid shift! Encapsulating your placenta allows you the opportunity to slowly replace these hormones and nutrients so your fourth trimester is a time of slower transition. Placenta Encapsulation is the most convenient, non invasive way to consume your placenta since it is in an easy to take capsule. Placenta Tincture can offer the restorative benefits of placenta encapsulation with a longer shelf life - even being beneficial into menopause! 

Why Placenta Encapsulation? 

Placenta encapsulation has many benefits! Women have reported that it can help with:

- Balancing your hormones after delivery

- Decreasing chances of postpartum depression and mood disorders following pregnancy

- Increasing Breastmilk supply

- Increasing energy

- Higher levels of oxytocin

- Increase in Iron

- Reducing postpartum bleeding by helping your uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size.

If you choose to have a placenta tincture, the benefits will be preserved for use past the life of the placenta pills. This includes your first postpartum periods and all the way to menopause! 

(Curious about the hormones that make placenta encapsulation work? Read more about them here)

Safety Standards

Your health and safety is my utmost priority. I adhere only to the highest levels of safety and standards of practice for OSHA blood borne pathogens and food safety. You can rest assured that I am a professional encapsulator. I have taken the appropriate professional training to obtain certification for this process and hold a certification in blood borne pathogen safety and food handlers certification in the state of Texas. 

Before Processing

After you have reserved placenta encapsulation services with me -

When baby (and your placenta) arrives let your provider know you would like to keep your placenta.  Your hospital or birth center will put your placenta in either a large round container or large zip bags. You then place this in a cooler on ice. Placentas need to be on ice within 3 hours of birth. (All of these directions are included when you book encapsulation services!) 

Contact me after your placenta is on ice and we will get pick up scheduled!

Is baby already here (or in labor and soon to arrive)? It's not too late to book last minute encapsulation services - learn more here

Processing your Placenta

You have two different options for how your placenta is processed. I offer either simply dehydrated or steamed then dehydrated

For the simply dehydrated method I prepare your placenta without adding anything to it and dehydrate it at a safe temperature meeting safety standards outlined by my Texas Food Handlers license and Certification Organization. This method is said to offer quicker energy after taking your capsules.

If you choose the steamed then dehydrated method, your placenta will be gently steamed before it undergoes the remaining preparations and dehydration as described above. This method is said to restore a warmth to your body and restores energy at a slower more slow and steady pace. 

I never add any additional ingredients to your placenta*. You can be assured that you will be receiving back something that is 100% yours! Your placenta was made by you and is perfectly designed to meet your postpartum needs. 

Once your placenta is fully dehydrated, I grind it into a fine powder and add it to capsules for easy consumption. 


*The only exception would be in the event of heavy meconium staining, I will gently cleanse the placenta with organic apple cider vinegar before preparation. Depending on the individual situation this might also require steaming, if you have selected the raw method I will contact you before moving to traditional processes. 


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