Are you in labor or baby was just born and you need placenta encapsulation? 

It's not too late! 

Secure your placenta in either the container the hospital provided or a gallon zip lock bag and put it on ice (it needs to be on ice within 3 hours of birth!). Keep it well iced and in a cooler. 

If it is between 10:30 pm and 8 am - keep the placenta well iced and give me a call in the morning and I'll come get it! 

If it is 8:00 am - 10:29 pm give me a call and we will get pick up scheduled! My number is 9403000582

In the mean time - fill out this form. After your form is completed we will send over an invoice for payment. (Payment must be made prior to placenta pick up.)

I'm excited to work with you and help you have a happy postpartum!