Postpartum Belly Binding


What is belly binding?

Belly Binding is a beautiful ritual part of postpartum in many cultures around the world. It is a method of wrapping a long muslin cloth to help a woman's postpartum body return to it's pre-pregnancy self. It helps to retrain the abdominal ligaments, muscles and hips back together and the wrap improves posture, particularly during nursing. 

who is belly binding for?

Belly Binding is a great option for all postpartum women regardless of how they birthed. Women who birthed vaginally or by cesarean section can benefit from the practice of wrapping. 

when do you wrap?

For mothers who have a vaginal birth, binding sessions can be scheduled as soon as three days after birth. For mothers who have a cesarean birth, some time for the incision to heal is necessary and binding sessions can be scheduled about three weeks after birth. 

what is a belly binding session?

I will come to your home and wrap your belly using a beautiful handmade wrap that is yours to keep and use. I will teach you how to wrap yourself after I leave so this can become a daily part of your self care in postpartum. If desired, I will apply a Belly Firming paste that consists of herbs that promote skin tightening and can reduce postpartum bleeding. 


Postpartum Binding Session

Doula Clients can book this service for just


As an option, when you are finished with your binding materials, you can send them back to me in a prepaid envelope and I will return $20 from your binding cost.


Discounts are available for repeat clients.


In certain circumstances Belly Binding can be beneficial for mothers prior to birth. The bindings can be wrapped in a way to help support the belly and back. Contact me to discuss if this might be right for you.


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