Labor Script

Labor Script: Imagery - Journey to the Center of the Womb

Imagine that you are breathing directly into the womb -- where your baby floats in a private sea of crystal-clear water. After a few minutes, imagine that the breath you take in is a soft white light. 

As you continue to breath in, imagine that light filling the womb, surrounding your baby with vitality and health - giving energy. Do this for a minute or so.

Now imagine that the light that fills the womb is beginning to radiate outward in all directions. Let it fill your body with a radiant glow. Keep breathing the light in and breathing out everything that you don't need. any tension, any thoughts that get in your way.

Imagine that the light leads you inside the womb and that you have come to explore.

This is your baby's cradle - warm, snug and secure - where baby is nourished in your being. 

Imagine the baby in their own private sea of crystal - clear water, all enclosed by the warm cavern of the strong membranous sac, cushioned and protected. 

The baby's eyes are closed peacefully, the fingernails and toenails are growing. Every now and then the baby kicks tiny feet against the uterus. 

You and your baby are one, right now. Imagine that you are breathing in harmony with your baby. Let yourself go into a deeper more relaxed state. Take a moment to appreciate your baby's home. Notice the beautiful umbilical cord that connects the baby to the placenta. Through this cord, your baby receives everything needed to grow and be perfect. 

Acknowledge that as your baby is growing, your body is changing in preparation for birth without your having to do anything about it.

The muscular uterus holds your baby gently and lovingly as it prepares for the powerful contractions that will massage your baby for his/her first breath and urge him/her out when your baby is ready.

The cervix is becoming soft and stretchy. It is not ready to open yet, but when your baby is ready it will open a gateway. 

Acknowledge further that your whole being is preparing for parenthood and let yourself relax more deeply, at peace with the sureness of that knowledge. 

Mentally thank your body for the miracle it is now working and will continue to work. Take a deep breath, slowly count to five, stretching gently and open your eyes. 

Labor Script: Relaxation

Close your eyes. Take a few slow, deep breaths in through your nose, exhaling through slightly parted lips. As you begin to relax, let your breathing become just a little deeper and a little slower without straining in any way. 

Now tighten the muscles of your left arm and hand, clenching your fist, hold for a few seconds, feel the tension. Tighten the muscles of your right arm and hand, clenching your fist. Hold for a few seconds, feel the tension. Release, letting your arm and hand go limp. Feel the relaxation. Tell yourself: my arms and hands are heavy and warm.

For the next few minutes, each time you tense a muscle group, feel the tension. Each time you release, take a few seconds to feel the relaxation. 

Tighten the muscles of your left leg and foot, curling the toes. Release, letting your leg and foot go limp. Tighten the muscles of your right leg and foot, curling the toes. Release letting your leg and foot go limp. Tell yourself: my legs and feet are heavy and warm.

Squeeze your buttocks together tightly. Release.

Draw up the muscles of your pelvic floor (as if you were trying to hold back from urinating). Release

Tighten your abdominal muscles, drawing in your belly as if you were trying to touch your backbone with your abdominal wall. Release. Feel your abdomen relax completely.

Observe your breathing, calm and regular. Tell yourself, my uterus and pelvic organs are warm, comfortable and relaxed. 

Arch your back slightly. Release, letting the muscles of your back sink into the surface on which you are lying. 

Tighten your shoulders by pushing them back as if you were trying to make your shoulder blades touch. Release, letting your shoulders fall limp.

Tighten the muscles of your neck by arching the neck slightly as if you were trying to look up. Release, letting your neck go limp. Now say, The muscles of my back and neck are warm and relaxed.

Clench your teeth together, tightening the muscles of your jaw. Release. Tell yourself: my jaw muscles are loose and relaxed. 

Squint your eyes. Release, letting the eyelids fall heavy and tell yourself, my eyelids are heavy and relaxed. Furrow your brow as if you were worried about something. Release, letting the space between the eyes feel as if it were getting wider. With the next breath out - say: my forehead is cool. 

Now, take a few deep breaths, letting your breathing become a little slower, a little deeper than usual, without straining in any way.  Let your awareness travel though your entire body from head to toe, releasing any additional tension you may find on the out-breath. 

Tell yourself: Because I am relaxed, I can labor and give birth better.