My FAQs and Common Interview Questions

How Many Clients Do you take per month?

I take 1 to 3 clients per month. Never more than 3 and usually just 2. I want to give my clients the best care and attention and for me right now, that's the perfect balance! 

What Happens if you're at another birth when I go into labor? (Or you're sick, or *insert crazy event* that makes you need to miss our birth...)

First of all, I have never missed a birth because I was at another birth *knock on wood*! But it could *technically* happen though there's less than a 1% chance (3% chance of going into labor on any particular day, so the odds of 2 people with different due dates being in labor at the same time... not high!). Whoever I am with first keeps me, never fear - I have amazing back up doulas and you will know ahead of time who your back up doula is! I will send my back up to take amazing care of you until I am able to join you! By hiring me, you are guaranteed a birth doula for your Birth Day!
(if you were wondering, the one time I missed a birth was due to a totally unavoidable family crisis)

How do you work with my husband/partner?

I never want to take the place of your husband or partner! I want to support the two of you working together to bring your baby into the world! It looks different for each couple and I want to be flexible and meet your needs.
Do you mostly want suggestions on how to best support her? I can do that! Do you want me to handle the physical support while you see to her emotional needs? Perfect, that works! Are you queasy around medical situations and unsure of how labor will affect you? I have experience working in many of these situations and we can work together!

How are doulas different than our nurse or Midwife Assistant?

I am non medical support, so I am there with you the whole time meeting your needs whatever they may be, physical support, emotional, information on what's going on. Both nurses in the hospital and birth or midwife assistants out of hospital will come in and out of the room until it's time to push. As long as you and baby are doing well health wise they do not stay and offer support. In out of hospital situations, many times the assistant doesn't come until around transition and they are just there for birth and postpartum. Nurses and assistants are awesome and have their place but a doula and nurses jobs do not really over lap.

What if I have a planned induction/cesarean?

I have experience supporting both! A lot goes into supporting inductions and there are so many options and avenues that I can help you navigate. Each induction is different and I tailor my support to what the situation needs. For planned cesareans I help you to plan and have the best family centered cesarean possible meeting both your desires and the policies of your hospital. If I am allowed, I will support you and your partner in the operating room and provide snapshot pictures of your birth and postpartum if you do not already have a birth photographer). My postpartum support is focused on working to make the most of the golden first hour after birth and establishing breastfeeding post operative and helping you to get settled into your postpartum room.

What if I just want you to take pictures and video?

That's just fine! Let's chat and see what we can work out together!

Do Doulas only work with women planning an unmedicated/natural birth? I know I want an epidural...

That is just fine! I have worked with clients who know they want an epidural before transition or at various points in labor and I am happy to support that! I will support you just like any other client and birth plan and help you meet your goals!

What if I go into labor outside the on-call time frame of 38-42 weeks?

You will still get a doula! I have had clients have babies outside this window of time and it works out just fine! You just give me a call and if I can I will be there. I might be a little further away than my usual on-call distance and there's a chance since I wasn't on call that I may be out of town but I will send one of my amazing back up doulas to you! You will still get awesome support for your birth, no matter when that may be!

What if my unmedicated birth plan changes? What if I decide I want to have pain medication? 

That is a-okay by me! I often say I am team whatever you want! We will have a game plan in place but when that doesn't go as planned it's time to use the tools we have available to us and I am happy to help you navigate that and support your birth.

At what point in pregnancy should I hire a doula?

I have been hired as soon as the test says "positive" and I have been hired in the last days of pregnancy. There isn't a right or wrong time. The earlier you hire me, the more time you get with me in pregnancy to answer any questions that may pop up, help you understand tests and procedures that happen during pregnancy and to build a relationship together so I can best support you and your desires in labor.

Will you labor with me at home?

Yes! I am happy to labor with you at home and help you decide when it's time to head to your birth place. We can talk more about the logistics at our consultation and prenatal visits!

Do you serve my area?

Probably! I serve the northern part of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. If you live outside one of these areas, still feel free to reach out! I may be able to make an exception or if you're birthing in one of the areas I serve we can do your prenatals while you are in this area!

I doula any of Denton County, so Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Argyle and all the surrounding smaller towns and communities. I will serve up I-35 E to the 121 intersection - occasionally I take clients in Carrolton or Farmers Branch so don't hesitate to ask! It usually depends on what my calendar looks like for that month and if I can add that drive time to my schedule. I will serve Collin County, Prosper, McKinney and Plano. I will sometimes serve in Frisco (if you live in another town and plan to birth in Frisco, that's no issue!) again, it just depends on the month. I will serve north all the way to the Oklahoma Boarder, so Sanger, Valley View, Gainesville (pretty much all of Cooke County) with Munester being my north western boarder and Callisburg being my North eastern boarder. I am happy to doula for all of Wise County, so Decatur, Bridgeport and Slidell and any other towns or communities there. I serve some of Montague county, depending on where you are specifically - if you're birthing in Denton, feel free to contact me! I'm sure we can work that out. I serve as a doula south into Tarrant County to downtown Fort Worth with the hospital district. This includes Keller, Haslet, Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, and Northlake.


I would love to schedule a free consultation with you to see if we're a good fit!