Have a Baby in Flower Mound!

The spacious family waiting room for Labor and Delivery decorated for the holidays!

The spacious family waiting room for Labor and Delivery decorated for the holidays!


Texas Health Presbyterian of Flower Mound or Flower Mound Presby as it is often called is one of my favorite hospitals to work at as a birth doula!  This hospital is where over half of my doula clients that are planning a hospital birth choose to have their baby. Presbyterian Flower Mound is very doula friendly and I love working there! I have a great working relationship with many of the nurses and love walking past the nurses station when the nurses chime in with "Hi Rebekah!" when they see I'm your doula! I'm excited to share what I know about the hospital with you today!

Parking - There is free parking at this hospital and I've never had any trouble finding a parking spot whether it's 3 in the morning or during a busy afternoon. 

Food - The hospital food is pretty good! Dads are brought a tray while your are in the hospital. Depending on your care provider you may also be brought a tray of "clear fluids" in labor that include chicken broth (or a vegetarian option as some of my doula clients have requested), Popsicles, and those lemon chill things like you get at the ball park! One of my favorite things about this hospital and their patient care is that when you discharge to go home, they send you with a meal! 

Rooms - The labor and postpartum rooms are some of the most spacious and nice of any hospital I have been at as a doula in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex! The rooms have plenty of space for the birth team and any family you would like to be present. Each room has a private bathroom attached. The postpartum rooms are separate from the labor, delivery and recovery rooms 

NICU - There is a NICU (level 2) at this hospital.

Breastfeeding Support - This hospital has some awesome lactation consultants. They are only in the hospital during the week. If you give birth over the weekend and will be leaving before the lactation consultants are on shift again, the nurses are great and very helpful! 

Hydrotherapy - At this time there are not tubs available to labor in at this hospital but if your provider approves it, you have access to the spacious showers to labor in. 

Well Baby Nursery - Yes. They encourage rooming in but if you prefer the baby can go to the nursery. 

Monitoring - This all depends on your care provider. The hospital has the standard wired monitors beside the bed. Intermittent monitoring is an option if you prefer and are a candidate. There is not a telemetry or wireless option at this point. 

Saline Lock - Again, this all comes back to what you and your care provider discuss but I have seen the majority of my doula clients are able to have a saline lock instead of a continuous IV. 

Family Centered Cesareans - The cesareans I have seen at this hospital have not been family centered. That does not mean that a family centered cesarean can't happen, but it will come down to the care provider. 

Placenta Release - If you are planning to encapsulate your placenta this is a great hospital! They have always been compliant with the Texas Laws for placenta release and they don't raise a fuss at all! 

Special information - Unfortunately this hospital does not offer hospital tours of the Labor and Delivery floor. If you come in after 10 pm you will need to enter through the Emergency Room and someone will escort you up to labor and delivery. You will need to page the nurses station on the box just to the right of the door.


Rebekah Lewis is a professional certified Birth Doula, postpartum belly binding specialist and placenta encapsulation specialist serving families in North Texas including Denton, Flower Mound, Gainesville, McKinney, Prosper, Keller, North Fort Worth and surrounding areas.