Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations can be a great help and emotional boost in labor. I recommend my clients prepare birth affirmations before labor and display them around the house where they can be a focal point in the last days of pregnancy. For some moms, taking the time to actually hand write the affirmations can be a nice way to focus, meditate, pray and really take heart in the affirmation, plans and hopes you have for birth.

Ada-5 (2).jpg

These were my personal birth affirmations for my second daughters labor and birth. I had them hanging in the bathroom and next to my bed to read over and focus on in the last few weeks of pregnancy. When I was in early labor I grabbed them to bring to the birth center with me. I also had a few cards packed with affirmations for my husband to read to me after I was in active labor and knew my eyes would be closed most of the time.

Clients who prepare birth affirmations are encouraged to pack them & I'm happy to hang them up around your birth space so your partner and I know exactly what you would like to hear most in the trenches of labor.

There isn't a right or a wrong when it comes to birth affirmations. A couple of unique affirmations of choice I've heard throughout my years as a doula; "I'm going to kick labors butt!" and "This baby is going to slide out like 'buttah'"! I have a pinterest board dedicated to birth affimations, check it out and see what resonates with you!


Rebekah Lewis is a birth doula, professional belly binder and placenta encapsulator serving families in the North part of the Dallas Fort Worth area. She serves families in Denton, Cooke, Tarrant, Dallas, Wise and Collin counties.