Placenta Encapsulation with Angie's Birth With Love

I am so happy to share one of the great local resources that Denton County has available for expecting families! Angie Stewart is a placenta encapsulation specialist working with families in Denton, Decatur, Gainesville and the surrounding areas. Without further adieu, everyone, meet Angie!

Hi Angie, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us today! Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Hi!  I am Angie Stewart.  I am mother to four amazing kids.  I have been in the birth world for 20 years.  I am a local certified birth and postpartum doula.  In the last two years I have added placenta encapsulation to the services I offer.

What first got you interested in placenta encapsulation?

I learned about placenta encapsulation during my retraining for my doula certification.  I found the information and benefits very fascinating.  I did some research on my own to back up and confirm the things I learned about it during my retraining.  


Do you have any particular passions within the birth field?

I enjoy working with all types of families.  I always learn so much from each of them.  I enjoy working with young moms and first time moms.  It is such a gift to see their reactions to all of the new things they're experiencing.  VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) moms amaze me whether they have a successful VBAC or RCS (Repeat Cesarean Section).  Their determination, the moms finding their voice if they felt they lost it in the birth resulting in a c-section is so uplifting and powerful!  It has been very eye opening to work with families who have a different faith then me.  I love getting to hear about what they practice, what their beliefs are, getting to be a part of their religious practices and rituals.

Tell me about one of your favorite experiences working in placenta encapsulation.

I like to listen to music.  So I usually will play music while I am working on preparing the placenta for dehydration.  One day I was playing music while working on a placenta listening to Marvin Gaye.  I wondered if it added a little more happiness to the capsules.  I am always amazed working with the placenta's, what they represent and the role they play in helping to develop the baby.  

You have been in the birth industry for two decades. What has it been like to work with two generations?

The coolest placenta I worked on was for a friend's daughter.  I was there when she was born 20 years ago and now she was a child of her own, that I would welcome into the world as well.  It was neat to see life begin and that life to birth a new life.  I am sentimental.  I had a mom who I worked with as a birth doula and there was some concern she could experience postpartum depression.  We had discussed getting her placenta encapsulated but they didn't have the extra money, so we let it go.  She ended up having a c-section and I felt with things not going as expected she may have a few more difficulties.  So I encapsulated her placenta.  She was grateful for what I did.  It was a blessing!

How do you feel you are having a positive impact with your clients?

I always try and follow up with moms I have encapsulated for and they all seem to report back that it is going well.  They feel like they have more energy, milk supply and overall feel great.  I have had some who hold on to them to use later as needed.

To close, how do you believe placenta encapsulation can make a positive difference in the birth and postpartum experience for women?

I have read articles that have spoken to the fact that all mammals, except humans, consume their placentas. I feel there is some truth to the benefits the mammals receive in doing so.  I feel it is the same for humans as well.  When I had my children a woman choosing to encapsulate her placenta was not something that was discussed or was still considered taboo.  If I wasn't passed the years of having children I would encapsulated my placenta, especially because of the benefits.  I wish there could be more studies done on the benefit of consuming a placenta but would hate for the FDA to be that involved because it could change the true effect it has on women.  For the skeptics I would say try it.  What's the harm in seeing if you feel the benefits?  As new moms we all could use the energy those early days when we feel tired.   

Thank you so much for chatting! Let us know how can we find you?

My website is:

Angie Stewart, CD(DONA)

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