Hormones in a Placenta

Placenta Encapsulation can help you with hormonal balance following birth. These are the known hormones in placentas that help with postpartum healing.

Cortisone - fights off stress and is energy boosting

Gammaglobulin - immune boosting hormone

Gonadotrophin - this is the precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Hemoglobin - how your body replenishes iron, prevents anemia

Interferon - Stimulates the Immune system. This can help with preventing infection postpartum.

Oxytocin - the love hormone, facilitates bonding between mother and the new baby. This hormone also helps with reduced perception of pain.

Prolactin - promotes lactation 

Prostaglandins - anti inflammatory

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TRH) - boosts energy and helps recover from stress

Urokinase inhibiting factor and Factor XIII - stops bleeding and promotes wound healing. 

These hormones work together to help with:

  • balanced mood

  • lactation support

  • hormonal balance

  • increased energy

  • better sleep

  • immune system booster

  • faster healing

  • replace hormones and nutrients lost during birth

Have a Baby in Flower Mound!

The spacious family waiting room for Labor and Delivery decorated for the holidays!

The spacious family waiting room for Labor and Delivery decorated for the holidays!


Texas Health Presbyterian of Flower Mound or Flower Mound Presby as it is often called is one of my favorite hospitals to work at as a birth doula!  This hospital is where over half of my doula clients that are planning a hospital birth choose to have their baby. Presbyterian Flower Mound is very doula friendly and I love working there! I have a great working relationship with many of the nurses and love walking past the nurses station when the nurses chime in with "Hi Rebekah!" when they see I'm your doula! I'm excited to share what I know about the hospital with you today!

Parking - There is free parking at this hospital and I've never had any trouble finding a parking spot whether it's 3 in the morning or during a busy afternoon. 

Food - The hospital food is pretty good! Dads are brought a tray while your are in the hospital. Depending on your care provider you may also be brought a tray of "clear fluids" in labor that include chicken broth (or a vegetarian option as some of my doula clients have requested), Popsicles, and those lemon chill things like you get at the ball park! One of my favorite things about this hospital and their patient care is that when you discharge to go home, they send you with a meal! 

Rooms - The labor and postpartum rooms are some of the most spacious and nice of any hospital I have been at as a doula in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex! The rooms have plenty of space for the birth team and any family you would like to be present. Each room has a private bathroom attached. The postpartum rooms are separate from the labor, delivery and recovery rooms 

NICU - There is a NICU (level 2) at this hospital.

Breastfeeding Support - This hospital has some awesome lactation consultants. They are only in the hospital during the week. If you give birth over the weekend and will be leaving before the lactation consultants are on shift again, the nurses are great and very helpful! 

Hydrotherapy - At this time there are not tubs available to labor in at this hospital but if your provider approves it, you have access to the spacious showers to labor in. 

Well Baby Nursery - Yes. They encourage rooming in but if you prefer the baby can go to the nursery. 

Monitoring - This all depends on your care provider. The hospital has the standard wired monitors beside the bed. Intermittent monitoring is an option if you prefer and are a candidate. There is not a telemetry or wireless option at this point. 

Saline Lock - Again, this all comes back to what you and your care provider discuss but I have seen the majority of my doula clients are able to have a saline lock instead of a continuous IV. 

Family Centered Cesareans - The cesareans I have seen at this hospital have not been family centered. That does not mean that a family centered cesarean can't happen, but it will come down to the care provider. 

Placenta Release - If you are planning to encapsulate your placenta this is a great hospital! They have always been compliant with the Texas Laws for placenta release and they don't raise a fuss at all! 

Special information - Unfortunately this hospital does not offer hospital tours of the Labor and Delivery floor. If you come in after 10 pm you will need to enter through the Emergency Room and someone will escort you up to labor and delivery. You will need to page the nurses station on the box just to the right of the door.


Rebekah Lewis is a professional certified Birth Doula, postpartum belly binding specialist and placenta encapsulation specialist serving families in North Texas including Denton, Flower Mound, Gainesville, McKinney, Prosper, Keller, North Fort Worth and surrounding areas. 

Hands On Birth Classes in Denton, Texas

Are you and your partner ready for your upcoming birth? Maybe you have taken a class at one of the local hospitals, Texas Health Presbyterian Flower Mound or Denton Presbyterian hospital. You've learned lots of great information about what will happen on the day your family grows by two more feet. You know what interventions the hospital has for pain and what their policies and procedures are for things but do you Know how to help your partner in labor? 



Do you know what you can do to physically bring her comfort? 

Have you read ideas of labor positions or different things you can do in labor but you aren't sure how to actually do them? 

This class is for you! If you are having a baby this spring or summer in the Denton area I will be joining Callie Corless, an excellent Birth Boot Camp Instructor to teach the Comfort Measures for Labor Workshop. Come and learn hands on techniques you can implement on your upcoming Labor Day!

Come learn from two birth professionals who have supported families in all settings for birth and leave with practical knowledge that you can put to use to have an Amazing Birth!

The class cost is $95 is 3-4 hours long you you receive 2 booklets with the information we cover in class to use as a reference for labor. 

Rebekah Lewis is a birth doula and offers postpartum belly binding and placenta encapsulation. She serves families in the Denton County area including Denton, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Carrollton, Sanger, Krum, Keller and surrounding areas.  

Christian Doula in North Texas

Hi, My name is Rebekah and I wear many hats. I'm a wife of 7 years to my husband John. I'm a mother to my two daughters Cora and Ada. I'm a daughter and a sister, my family is mostly local and we're close. I'm a friend, I am the friend that will drop a whole days plans to be there when you need me. Among the many things that make me "me", I am also a Christian!


I have served many families who do not hold the same faith as I do, and that's okay! I am honored to walk with all faiths and beliefs. I am committed to giving each and every family that I serve the very best of my service and care!

It would be dishonest of me to not acknowledge that I believe that my compassion and heart for service for laboring women is my gift from God.

For those that I serve that are of the same faith and believe in the power of prayer - prayer is a part of me and by extension my doula service that is available at any time that you wish! I consider it a great honor to pray over the families I have the privilege to serve. Please feel free to let me know if you would like prayer during your pregnancy or birth.


Rebekah is a birth doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, and postpartum belly binding specialist serving families in Dallas, Fort Worth. She makes her home outside of Denton, Texas and serves clients and their families in Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Keller, Fort Worth, Argyle, Krum, McKinney, Allen, Prosper, Frisco and the surrounding areas.

When to Hire a Doula?


I'm often asked when is the best time to hire a doula. The truth is, it's never too late - I have been hired as late as 39 weeks to support a family birthing in Keller! Some doulas have gotten phone calls from women in labor that are looking for support right then! I have also been hired as early as "hey! I'm pregnant! I'd love you to be my doula!".

The earlier you hire me as your birth doula the more you get out of my services. I'm available to you for longer as a resource for providers and evidence based research.

Why would I hire early?

I just recently got a call from a past client letting me know they're expecting again! After I let them know how excited I am for them and they told me they needed me on their birth team again (Yay! It's always such a great honor to be asked back for future births!) we started chatting about their birth plans. They had a great birth in Flower Mound for their first child but they are looking for a different experience this time. We chatted about birth centers in Denton, Argyle, Keller, Allen and Plano. They haven't decided where they want to birth, or if maybe home birth is what's best for them but because they hired me early and I'm available to them I can provide more resources! I have compiled a list for them of all the best midwives and doctors in their area so they can have all the information to find the best birth team for their dream birth!

The longer I know you, the better I know you! I generally chat with clients over the phone or in texts at least as often as they are seeing their care provider, often more than that! I love getting to know my clients well and the stronger our relationship is the better support I am able to offer to you when you're in labor! We call this Relational Support in doula-world and I think it is one of the most important parts of our job!

Limited Availability

Each month I only take on one or two clients. My calendar usually fills up quickly! If I am unavailable to be your birth doula I'm always happy to pass along the names of other amazing doulas I personally know and recommend in the Dallas, Fort Worth area that have availability for your due date. Booking early can help you to get your birth team settled and start building that relationship with your doula that makes the experience so positive.

I know personally I ran into this with one of my births before I was a doula. I was on the hunt for a doula and I quickly learned that there are so many great options out there. I talked to my husband and we figured out what we were looking for and what our budget was. From there I contacted at least 8 doulas before I found one that had availability for my due date! That's great that so many families in the DFW Metroplex are using doulas for their births but as a consumer it sure was an extra challenge.

When are you normally hired? What's that process like?

Obviously not everyone hires me right after they learn they're pregnant and I'm rarely hired in the final month. The average time that I meet expecting mothers for a consultation is around the 20 week mark. When an expecting mother reaches out and says that she'd like to talk to me about doula services I do my best to meet with her that week! We can do either a phone consultation or an in person interview! Some people like to chat on the phone first then set up a meeting in person and that's just fine too!
I generally meet about half way between you and me for our initial conversation. Sometimes I need that meeting to be in Denton if that's all that my schedule allows or if I have a client I anticipate going into labor soon in the area. Other times I'm meeting clients or providers in your area so I can come to your town, it all depends! I have met families for doula consultations in McKinney, Allen, Keller, Frisco, Denton, Sanger, Decatur and Fort Worth. I'm sure there are other cities that I'm forgetting, but chances are we can find a place to meet!

Where do you meet for Consultations/Interviews?

Starbucks is undoubtedly my favorite meeting location, it's easy and they're everywhere! I'm also a little addicted to coffee! I also meet families that are bringing older children along to the consultation at Chick Fil A's or other kid friendly places so they're more comfortable. I'm very flexible and open to suggestions. Since Denton is my stomping grounds I love to meet in local coffee shops or cafe's, as I learn new cities and their unique local businesses I try to use those places too!


Consultations are always free and last about 45 minutes to an hour! You can reach out to me here to set one up! I would love to meet you and chat about how I can be a doula for your upcoming birth and help it to be an empowering experience!

Rebekah Lewis is a birth doula, placenta encapsulation specialist and postpartum belly binding specialist serving families in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. She makes her home outside of Denton, Texas with her husband and two daughters. She serves the greater North Central Texas area including all of Denton County, North Tarrant County, Gainesville, Decatur, McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano and surrounding areas.

Doula at Inanna Birth Center in Denton, Texas

One of my favorite places to serve as a birth doula for pregnant families in the Dallas, Fort Worth area is at Inanna Birth Center in Denton!

Inanna Birth Center Denton Texas.jpg

As you may know, in addition to my work as a birth doula, I am a midwife assistant at Inanna Birth Center. When I have a doula client birthing at Inanna, it has such a special feeling. It's always an extra special birth with our midwives and the midwife assistant that attends the birth since we all work together regularly and know each other so well. It really makes for a perfect, cohesive birth team! After a recent birth I was joking that it's kind of like a big birthday party, celebrating the new baby and the strong momma!

Inanna Birth Center is run by Jean Sala-Smith, CNM. It is staffed by Certified Nurse Midwives in Denton and the surrounding areas. In addition to the midwives on staff at the birth center the Midwives from Caring for Women that have offices in Denton, Flower Mound and Frisco also have privileges to practice at Inanna and if a client chooses to, they can deliver at Inanna. Caring for Women is the back up Midwives and OB physicians that Inanna uses if transfer is necessary. Presbyterian Hospital of Flower Mound is the hospital they work with for non-emergent transfers.

There are two birth rooms at Inanna. Both have tubs and one of the two bathrooms also has a shower. Water birth is an option at Inanna, of course you'll need to check with the midwife to make sure that you are a good candidate. Regardless of water birth or not, hydrotherapy is a great comfort measure in labor!

Inanna serves families from all over the greater Dallas, Fort Worth area. Families come for the compassionate quality care from as far as Witchita Falls, Gainesville, Fort Worth, Keller, Grapevine, Denton, Sanger, Decatur, Chico, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Lewisville, Flower Mound - just to name a few!

If you're expecting and are in search of a doula I would love to chat! Consultations for doula services are always free of charge!

Sex After Childbirth - Things We Wish We Knew


What we wish we knew about Sex after having a Baby

Sex after childbirth is something that not many women talk about. We will ask you endlessly about every pregnancy symptom. You may be pestered with questions about your birth plan and it seems that some women love to share their less-than-desirable birth stories with every pregnant woman they meet. What to expect in the bedroom after childbirth doesn't seem to be discussed often though. Just like you are learning a new life with a baby, you need to learn a new life as a partner.  I asked a group of Birth Boot Camp Doulas and Childbirth Education Instructors what they wish they knew about having Sex after having a baby and here is some great information and tips! 


Your Breasts may not be play things anymore

This can be an issue on more than one front. If you are breastfeeding you should be prepared that milk will spray upon orgasm. Milk will spray and leak other times too. Some women find this upsetting, messy or uncomfortable and choose to wear a bra or shirt in sex while they're still breastfeeding. One woman suggested keeping a hand towel near by to catch or clean up any milk spray. 

Since your breasts are feeding a small human, they may be rather sensitive or not sexualized for you in this season of life. Some women recommend wearing a shirt or bra to help manage these mixed feelings in the bedroom.

The hormones with breastfeeding can also complicate your libido. You might not have a lot of interest in sex for a while. Planning on sex so you're prepared mentally can help. Set the mood and keep your distractions minimal. Communication with your partner is key! Some people find that daily exercise is a great way to boost your libido, even something as simple as going for a daily walk. 

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing - all of these challenges can be overcome and you will find a new normal for your postpartum sex life!


You May be Dry... Desert Dry

Especially if you're breastfeeding, your body has reduced the level of Estrogen it produces which reduces how much natural lubricant you are producing. Lube is your friend! Many "crunchy" moms love using unrefined coconut oil - but be aware, if you're using condoms, it can damage them and make them ineffective. There are lots of great lubricants out there, don't be afraid to try different things! Being adequately lubricated can make or break postpartum sex! 

Try different types of lubes. Some may be uncomfortable or have an undesirable reaction. Buy a variety pack and go slow. Slow and lots of communication! 


Your Body Didn't Read the Calendar.

The standard six weeks or until bleeding has stopped is the usual green flag for sex to resume. Your body did not read the calendar. It may take more time for you to be ready to jump into the sack again, and that's okay! Beyond your physical readiness you may not be emotionally ready as quickly as you expected. Once you jump back in it still may take months for your "old favorites" to feel comfortable again. This is especially the case if you are dealing with scar tissue. This might be a great time to explore new things and find a new favorite! 


where did that air come from? 

Queefing - if you haven't heard of this term before this is when a trapped pocket of air comes out of your vagina. Your vagina has folds part of the way your body just made space for a baby to open up and exit your vagina! Air can get caught in one of these folds or wrinkles and it makes a sound as it passes. You might find that queefs happen more after birth in sex, or not during sex - this might happen in yoga or other workouts. 



You have a baby now! If your baby is rooming in you might have to seek out a new location for your sexy time. Recommendations ranged from guest bedrooms, the nursery your child isn't using to bathroom floors. Use your imagination! 

There is more to a baseball field than just home plate... re-explore the other bases, go back to basics! 


Other Surprises

Birth can complicate sex postpartum no matter how you give birth. It may take longer to be ready for sex again after a cesarean than vaginal birth. Your body has a lot of healing to do after major abdominal surgery and you should give yourself plenty of time and grace. 

You might be "touched out" because you are being called on for so much of the day. Sometimes a break between mothering and time with your partner can help separate the two. 


The bright side

Don't be discouraged! I have heard several times that sex is actually more enjoyable after birth for both partners! Your tight pelvic floor may have loosened enough for you to enjoy in ways you never have before. You may be tuned in to your body in ways that you never have before, that hard to reach orgasm may be much more attainable! 

You just did amazing things bringing your child into this world and that my friend is sexy! Chances are your partner thinks so too and is more in love with you than ever! 


It's normal! 

You are not alone! There are challenges and differences, but everyone you know that has had a baby has worked through these things as well! 

The most important piece of advice offered was if a problem persists - seek help! It is not normal for sex to be painful for a long period of time after birth. If you feel like your challenges are greater than the average adjustment then please seek out a good Woman's Health Physical Therapist! If you need help, a local doula will likely have resources! 


Rebekah Lewis is a birth doula, professional belly binder and placenta encapsulator serving families in the North part of the Dallas Fort Worth area. She serves families in Denton, Cooke, Tarrant, Dallas, Wise and Collin counties.




2017 in Review

I planned on publishing this on the first, but instead I rang in the new year and supported a family in welcoming their beautiful child earthside. I think my New Years Day was the best yet and wins out over posting my statistics. 

2017 has been a year of much personal growth. I have learned so much from each family I have had the privilege and honor of serving this year! Thank you for trusting me to support you and join you in your sacred birthing space! I have walked alongside several long, hard labors this year. There have also been a couple of very quick labors, the fastest yet! I have held moms as they cried because it is so hard or because plan A or B wasn't working and we were looking at plan C. I have walked alongside inductions of every variety as my strong clients adapt and roll with changes so beautifully. I have cried with families as birth is unpredictable and sometimes emergency techniques are essential. I have held space and been in awe of such unimaginable strength over and over. This year brought more than just happy births and I have grieved as families have experienced immense grief at babies lost too soon. I have stood witness to beautiful redeeming births after hard past experiences with birth and pregnancy. 

Outside of learning directly from the births I attended, I have also taken on new trainings and education in the classroom. My advanced training has included TENS for labor and birth, acupressure for labor, advanced rebozo training and bereavement doula training. 

Last year (you can see my 2016 in review here) I said I expected 2017 to be slower, but I was wrong! 

This year I attended 50 births! What a nice round number! 

28 girls, 21 boys and I worked with 13 different providers. 



Families I have served are all over the DFW area! It will be easier to just list the towns the hospitals and birth centers have been in. Denton, Fort Worth, Keller, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Gainesville, Flower Mound, Decatur, and Grapevine.

I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store! I am working on training to add placenta encapsulation services for clients who would like this option and will be certified in February! I will also finish my bereavement training that I started in 2017. April will be a busy month with a doula training reboot and a retreat I have looked forward to since certifying in 2016! 

Recovery from a C-Section: Tips and Tricks

Recovery from birth can be tricky and you want to make sure you're taking care of yourself. Recovery from birth via cesarean section has an added level of challenge because it's surgery! I asked moms who have had cesareans what their best advice was for those first few days and weeks postpartum after a c-section and got some great responses! Several of these I would say apply to birth in general, but especially to recovery from surgical birth!

  • Dresses are great for going home and the first few days around the house. The incision line will be very sensitive!
  • You might consider packing a thick towel for the car ride home, fold it and put it over your belly to protect it from the seat belt.
  • If you are having a scheduled cesarean, make sure you have lots of food in the freezer! Trying to cook in addition to caring for yourself and baby is just too much in the first weeks postpartum! Don't forget to have quick easy snacks on hand!
  • You will be sore and maybe in pain, but don't put off walking in the hospital too long. The walking helps with recovery! Just a small bit of walking at first massively helps with recovery.
  • It will take a couple of weeks before you have full range of motion. Plan to have help during that time! Partner, family or a postpartum doula!
  • Your body has been through birth, your body has been through major abdominal surgery - you need time to recover!
  • Take stool softener while you're on pain meds
  • Take pain meds on schedule the first few days at least.
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Hire a postpartum doula!
  • Have extra large, high waisted cotton undies to wear at home for a while afterwards. You don't want anything that might dig into the incision.
  • wear a pad, soft side facing you, in front of your incision to protect it from rubbing
  • Bring baby to your height to nurse with nursing pillows or extra bed pillows, don't bend towards baby.
  • Your milk might come in an extra day or two later after a cesarean. Ask for the hospital lactation support and use that resource!
  • Ask for a belly binder in the hospital! It makes a world of difference in recovery! It allows you to feel better about getting up to walk and do daily things. It provides a secure feeling for your incision.
  • Don't over do it! When you start feeling better, only add things back to your day one at a time. Take it busy for a few days more so you don't have any set backs. It seems like if you don't over do it early on, recovery as a whole is so much easier and faster!
  • Keep a small hand towel folded in thirds by you to hold your incision when you cough/sneeze or go to the bathroom... #2 is tricky.
  • You might also like a pillow for the above reason...
  • When you get pain medication, ask the nurse when your next dose will be and remind them 30 minutes or so before so you don't lapse. Staying on that pain medication schedule for the first few days will help you to function more quickly and get those important first few walks in to speed recovery.
  • Try to time your first walk 30 minutes after you've had a pain pill, give it a chance to work!
  • Ask for 2 abdominal binders. One to wear when the other is in the wash. Use these for several weeks!
  • Use the bedrails and incline the bed up or down in the hospital so you're not trying to use your core muscles to sit up.
  • Before going into the hospital, set up a baby care station in your bedroom so you can be resting without walking all over the house for necessary baby stuff when you get home.
  • Make sure to plan who will be your driver for your doctors appointments and babys appointments you won't be driving or lifting baby in the carseat carrier for several weeks!
  • Laying down flat is pretty uncomfortable so I slept in a recliner the first few nights at home.
  • Yoga pants were the best when I was tired of wearing dresses. I lived in either a dress or yoga pants for several weeks!
  • You still bleed vaginally after a c-section!

My FAQs and Common Interview Questions

How Many Clients Do you take per month?

I take 1 to 3 clients per month. Never more than 3 and usually just 2. I want to give my clients the best care and attention and for me right now, that's the perfect balance! 

What Happens if you're at another birth when I go into labor? (Or you're sick, or *insert crazy event* that makes you need to miss our birth...)

First of all, I have never missed a birth because I was at another birth *knock on wood*! But it could *technically* happen though there's less than a 1% chance (3% chance of going into labor on any particular day, so the odds of 2 people with different due dates being in labor at the same time... not high!). Whoever I am with first keeps me, never fear - I have amazing back up doulas and you will know ahead of time who your back up doula is! I will send my back up to take amazing care of you until I am able to join you! By hiring me, you are guaranteed a birth doula for your Birth Day!
(if you were wondering, the one time I missed a birth was due to a totally unavoidable family crisis)

How do you work with my husband/partner?

I never want to take the place of your husband or partner! I want to support the two of you working together to bring your baby into the world! It looks different for each couple and I want to be flexible and meet your needs.
Do you mostly want suggestions on how to best support her? I can do that! Do you want me to handle the physical support while you see to her emotional needs? Perfect, that works! Are you queasy around medical situations and unsure of how labor will affect you? I have experience working in many of these situations and we can work together!

How are doulas different than our nurse or Midwife Assistant?

I am non medical support, so I am there with you the whole time meeting your needs whatever they may be, physical support, emotional, information on what's going on. Both nurses in the hospital and birth or midwife assistants out of hospital will come in and out of the room until it's time to push. As long as you and baby are doing well health wise they do not stay and offer support. In out of hospital situations, many times the assistant doesn't come until around transition and they are just there for birth and postpartum. Nurses and assistants are awesome and have their place but a doula and nurses jobs do not really over lap.

What if I have a planned induction/cesarean?

I have experience supporting both! A lot goes into supporting inductions and there are so many options and avenues that I can help you navigate. Each induction is different and I tailor my support to what the situation needs. For planned cesareans I help you to plan and have the best family centered cesarean possible meeting both your desires and the policies of your hospital. If I am allowed, I will support you and your partner in the operating room and provide snapshot pictures of your birth and postpartum if you do not already have a birth photographer). My postpartum support is focused on working to make the most of the golden first hour after birth and establishing breastfeeding post operative and helping you to get settled into your postpartum room.

What if I just want you to take pictures and video?

That's just fine! Let's chat and see what we can work out together!

Do Doulas only work with women planning an unmedicated/natural birth? I know I want an epidural...

That is just fine! I have worked with clients who know they want an epidural before transition or at various points in labor and I am happy to support that! I will support you just like any other client and birth plan and help you meet your goals!

What if I go into labor outside the on-call time frame of 38-42 weeks?

You will still get a doula! I have had clients have babies outside this window of time and it works out just fine! You just give me a call and if I can I will be there. I might be a little further away than my usual on-call distance and there's a chance since I wasn't on call that I may be out of town but I will send one of my amazing back up doulas to you! You will still get awesome support for your birth, no matter when that may be!

What if my unmedicated birth plan changes? What if I decide I want to have pain medication? 

That is a-okay by me! I often say I am team whatever you want! We will have a game plan in place but when that doesn't go as planned it's time to use the tools we have available to us and I am happy to help you navigate that and support your birth.

At what point in pregnancy should I hire a doula?

I have been hired as soon as the test says "positive" and I have been hired in the last days of pregnancy. There isn't a right or wrong time. The earlier you hire me, the more time you get with me in pregnancy to answer any questions that may pop up, help you understand tests and procedures that happen during pregnancy and to build a relationship together so I can best support you and your desires in labor.

Will you labor with me at home?

Yes! I am happy to labor with you at home and help you decide when it's time to head to your birth place. We can talk more about the logistics at our consultation and prenatal visits!

Do you serve my area?

Probably! I serve the northern part of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. If you live outside one of these areas, still feel free to reach out! I may be able to make an exception or if you're birthing in one of the areas I serve we can do your prenatals while you are in this area!

I doula any of Denton County, so Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Argyle and all the surrounding smaller towns and communities. I will serve up I-35 E to the 121 intersection - occasionally I take clients in Carrolton or Farmers Branch so don't hesitate to ask! It usually depends on what my calendar looks like for that month and if I can add that drive time to my schedule. I will serve Collin County, Prosper, McKinney and Plano. I will sometimes serve in Frisco (if you live in another town and plan to birth in Frisco, that's no issue!) again, it just depends on the month. I will serve north all the way to the Oklahoma Boarder, so Sanger, Valley View, Gainesville (pretty much all of Cooke County) with Munester being my north western boarder and Callisburg being my North eastern boarder. I am happy to doula for all of Wise County, so Decatur, Bridgeport and Slidell and any other towns or communities there. I serve some of Montague county, depending on where you are specifically - if you're birthing in Denton, feel free to contact me! I'm sure we can work that out. I serve as a doula south into Tarrant County to downtown Fort Worth with the hospital district. This includes Keller, Haslet, Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, and Northlake.


I would love to schedule a free consultation with you to see if we're a good fit!